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Residential and Commercial Real Estate


Anyone who has purchased residential real estate is aware of the multitude of laws and regulations and the complex paperwork involved in transferring property. It is critical that mortgages, title, deeds, liens, inspections, disclosures, insurance and more all be handled correctly by the closing date since there is often no opportunity to correct problems after the sale.
At the law office of Timothy K. Anderson, we believe that buying real estate, whether as a home or as an investment, should not be fraught with confusion and risk regarding the legalities of the property. We can work with you either at problematic points or throughout your entire purchase process.

Some services we provide are:

Reviewing, drafting and negotiating your contracts to ensure they reflect your wishes and understanding regarding the sale

Ensuring due diligence has been completed for all facets of the purchase

Facilitating relationships with lenders and inspectors

Reviewing and issuing title insurance

Negotiating successful resolutions when agreements and plans fail

Protecting your rights regarding financing contingencies, sale contingencies and time frames

Attending closings and acting as closing agent

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing residential real estate, we can work with you to avoid and solve legal problems, protect your rights and facilitate your transactions.